Iconic Places in Bollywood Movies that Are Now the Popular Tourist Spots

The colourful world of Hindi Cinema with its timeless themes has been revisiting some outstanding places within India. Not only do these places significantly help the stories to move, but they also tempt the viewers to visit them. No wonders that once a place features in a successful Bollywood movie, people come up with guesthouses and other business ideas to cash on the increased tourist activities. Have a look at some of these places that were glorified by the top moviemakers of the film industry.

Taj Mahal


Probably the world’s only architectural icon of love, Taj Mahal in Agra starred in numerous Hindi movies over decades. The monument garnered huge limelight when the con couple of the hit movie ‘Bunty aur Babli’ indulges in its fake selling. The splendid beauty of this white marble Mughal structure has enhanced the look and feel of many famous Hindi songs.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargah Fort - Jaipur

Who can forget the college-going protagonists of the path breaking film ‘Rang De Basanti’ splashing in the water reservoir of Nahargarh Fort? Located close to the Pink City of Jaipur, the fort is known for the breathtaking views of the city and the Aravalli Hills. Tourists, especially youngsters, can be seen in huge flocks giving great time at this place. Companies like Indianhomestays.org regularly update their lists of accommodation in Jaipur near the fort for the convenience of the visitors.

Chomu Palace


The haunted palace of the psychological thriller ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ was no less than a star. Located near Jaipur, it is known as Chomu Palace which gained fame only after the movie was released. Today, it is a popular destination on inbound Jaipur itineraries and acts as a fortified palace hotel with enchanting elegance to its credit.

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort

The unforgettable song ‘Tu Hi Re’ from the blockbuster movie ‘Bombay’ was shot at Bekal Fort. Watching the song’s video can allure anyone to visit the place at least once in a lifetime. Located in Kerala, the fort overlooks the mesmerizing beauty of the Arabian Sea and is constantly washed by the roaring sea waves. Monuments, broad steps, tunnels and the adjoining sea beach arrange for an experience that will linger in your memory forever.

Chapora Fort


Having watched the three friends of the multiplex hit ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ enjoying their break at Goa’s Chapora Fort, many college-going youth found it irresistible to visit this beautiful spot. Though, it has been a popular tourist spot for decades, many tourists were attracted by its charm only after watching the film. Vagator Beach, steep slopes all around and fascinating atmosphere of the fort is enough to pull anyone’s attraction.

While these were only few to mention, there are many other similar places that the Bollywood stories guide to. Expectations are high from the filmmakers to explore many such fabulous sites for the benefit of the travel enthusiasts.

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5 Unique Ways to Explore World Heritage in and around Delhi

Heritage sites in India boast of superlative architecture, nature’s splendour, wildlife treasures, colonial charm and religious legacy. When in Delhi, tourists are recommended to experience two amazing aspects – Indian hospitality at a homestay Delhi and expedition to the World heritage Sites located in the close proximity. Here are 5 outstanding ideas to visit diverse World Heritage Sites catering to different interests.

qutab-minar- delhi-indianhomestays.org

Mughal Architecture of Delhi

Monuments in the form of tombs, forts, minarets and pillars constitute the wonderful heritage sites of Delhi. Red Fort Complex represents the creativity and artistic excellence of the artists from Mughal Era. Qutub Minar Complex is another splendid site with the red sandstone tower and centuries old Iron Pillar as the main highlights. Humayun’s Tomb is an equally captivating structure and all these sites collectively attract the admirers of Indian history and architecture.


Eternal Love Symbol of Agra

Taj Mahal needs no introduction as its spellbinding beauty and world-class architecture is known around the world. For representing an Emperor’s love for his beloved wife, this white marble structure holds special significance among the romantic couples. Located in the city of Agra (about 209 km from Delhi) and on the bank of River Yamuna, Taj can be viewed while living at any nearby accommodation in Agra.











Kalka-Shimla Mountain Railway

Rolling hills, mesmerizing valleys and thrilling tunnels and bridges describe an exhilarating journey on the Kalka-Shimla Mountain Railway Track. Board one of the popular trains like Shivalik Deluxe Express or Himalayan Queen and watch the fairy-tale hill villages passing by. More than 850 bridges and 100 plus tunnels are the highlights of the journey that will stay in your mind forever. Kalka Railway Station is about 270 km from Delhi.


Keoladeo National Park of Bharatpur

Recognized as the paradise for birds and bird-watchers, this national park is home to many rare and endangered local and migratory birds. Boasting of diverse features like wetlands, woodlands, scrub lands, swamps and grasslands, this protected area attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. Waterfowls like oriental ibis, painted stork, sarus crane and wood sandpiper and land birds like grey horn bill, spotted eagle and osprey are the popular attractions of the park located about 205 km from Delhi.


Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur at the distance of about 260 km from Delhi is famous for its architectural wonders, Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory being a popular one. Huge geometrical instruments at this place are designed to measure time and observing celestial activities. World’s largest sundial and other attractions draw huge numbers of astronomers and astronomy students.

Each of these fulfilling journeys through riches of heritage offer additional opportunities to explore many popular tourist places. The experience can be enriching, delightful, memorable and full of entertainment.

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Top 5 Hill Resort Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Weekend breaks are a must to rejuvenate your lost energy, especially when living in an urban area like Delhi. Summers are approaching and nothing can beat the idea of spending a couple of days at a hill station. With close proximity and superb connectivity to the hill states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal, you are not far from at least 5 amazing destinations for refreshing weekend fun.

Kasauli Cottage-Indianhomestays.org

Kasauli (300 km. away)

Never-ending charm and constantly echoing silence makes Kasauli in Himachal a glorious holiday spot. Once a colonial town, it has awe inspiring Victorian mansions and beautiful hill cottages. You can actually stay at one of the Kasauli cottages to enjoy the real charm of Kasauli. Attractions include splendid walking trails, Christ Church and numerous vintage points like Monkey Point and Sunset Point. Visit alone or along with family and friends to fulfill the purpose of a much-required break.

Mussoorie Cottage-Indianhomestays.org

Mussoorie (275 km. away)
British officials were madly in love with Indian hill resort; this is evident from Mussoorie which bears the colonial charm till date. Picturesque beauty dominates this hill station of Uttaranchal and offers abundant natural vistas like snow-clad mountains, meandering streams and mesmerizing valleys. Choose among cottages in Mussoorie, which are economical and apt for weekend fun, and visit attractions like Kempty Falls, Happy Valley, Lake Mist and many others.

Bhowali Cottage-Indianhomestays.org

Nainital (285 km. away)

Named after the sectacular Naini Lake, Nainital is another marvelous destination in Uttaranchal. Lavish surroundings of this fairy tale hill station can help you forget your lackluster lifestyle, at least for a couple of days. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Naini Devi Peak and visit places like Nanda Devi Temple and St. John Church. Boating in the lake is undoubtedly the most remarkable experience in Nainital.

Ranikhet Cottage-Indianhomestays.org

Ranikhet (340 km. away)
The hill station in Uttaranchal has consistently pleasant weather and is adorned with the beauty of pines, oaks and deodars. Fruit orchards at Chaubatia Garden are easily the highlights of a weekend trip and you can stay at one of the comfortable Ranikhet cottages located nearby. Jhula Devi Temple, Rama Temple and Dwarahat Sculptures few miles away are the ancient treasures worth exploring.

Bhimtal Cottage-Indianhomestays.org

Bhimtal (300 km. away)
Well-known for its beautiful lake and a lake island, Bhimtal is Uttaranchal’s another surprise to the tourists. The hill town has many other lakes in its close vicinity and it is home to the sacred Bhimeshwara Temple. Constant chirping of birds is like sheer music to the ears and you can enjoy the same while staying at any of the hotels or homestays in Bhimtal.

You must be delighted to know about such amazing weekend trip ideas from Delhi. Leave your hectic schedules behind and get ready for an encounter with the gorgeous Mother Nature.

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International Yoga Festival at Rishikesh – Top 5 Reasons to be there

Uttarakhand, the Indian state that enjoys the designation of Devbhoomi (land of Gods), is an exotic place to empower spiritual beliefs and pursue practices that can revitalize the existence of any individual. Rishikesh, the city resting on the holy banks of River Ganga (Ganges), in the first week of March hosts annual International Yoga Festival, an event that pulls body, mind and soul out of mundane lifestyle.

Learn how the festival can be a perfect occasion to discover the world of yoga, a desire you had been postponing for long.

Renowned Yoga Gurus
The festival brings internationally famed yoga masters on the same podium. Not only skilled in yoga, these teachers are also religious saints and spiritual speakers who can introduce one to the amazing world of spiritually uniting with the almighty.

Parmarth Niketan - Rishikesh - Indianhomestays.org


Enticing Location
Parmarth Niketan Ashram, the festival’s venue, is located on the outskirts of the city of Rishikesh and near to the banks of divine Ganga. Lush green gardens and spectacular views of Himalayan peaks add to the place’s worth of being an ideal place for practicing yoga.For convenience, you can choose to stay at cottages in Rishikesh near the ashram to seek the blessings of nature.

Different Yoga Styles
At the International Yoga Festival, you can learn different and authentic yoga styles. These include Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Power Vinyasa Yoga. If you are unfamiliar to them or had been practicing them erroneously, the festival is a good opportunity to learn their authentic forms.

Fully Vitalizing Days
Get up as early as 4 in the morning and join the yoga classes. Spend the whole day attending the lectures and sessions on the art of living. Satsang (imparting of spiritual knowledge) by spiritual gurus are truly soothing. Cultural music and dance are other highlights of the festival.

Traditional Indian Food
Yoga experts believe that complementing yoga with clean and nutritious food is essential to extract the health benefits. While attending the festival, you can enjoy traditional Indian cuisines (strictly vegetarian) that are healthy and delicious. Attendees can also join the cooking classes at the ashram or any of the homestays in Rishikesh to learn the recipes and continue the practice at home.

Guest House in Rishikesh - Indianhomestays.org

You can stay at ashram or at one of the resorts in Rishikesh near River Ganga and enjoy the unforgettable experience of evening aarti (prayer) of the holy river. Rishikesh is also known as adventure paradise, for hosting activities like camping, rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting and kayaking. Many ancient temples in the city and its neighboring destinations like Haridwar and Devprayag can be visited.

Each of these reasons combined with more than 60 hours of yoga should encourage you to participate in the festival. You will be lured to repeat your visits for this yoga extravaganza every year.

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Topmost Benefits of Home stays in India

Homestays are personalized accommodations in the form of family homes where the property owners act as hosts to the tourists staying as guests. These accommodations can be in any form, the most popular ones being cottages, bungalows, guest houses, farm houses, resorts, service apartments, bed and breakfast options and villas. While the hosts use it as primary or supplementary income sources, the guests choose them as affordable and comfortable staying options enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

In the Indian context, hotels, no matter how luxurious they might be, fail to gel with the Indian tradition of treating guest as God. This especially holds true for budget hotels. Homestays in India, thought as a novice concept in the country, actually showcases the revival of this ancient tradition. Going out of the way to please their guests and value their needs is what the Indian homestay hosts are known for.

Topmost benefits of home stays in India are:

Distinguished Ambiance  Don’t you find every other hotel offering monotonous settings and droning atmosphere? Home stay accommodations in India are options distinctive in nature and invigorating in offering relaxing home like atmosphere with an added touch of luxury, cleanliness and assistance when required. No matter whether homestays are located in a rural backdrop or within an urban city limit, they can leave you amazed with the services included.

Rendezvous with Indian Culture: Giving your trip to India a wonderful treatment is possible by exploring the multifaceted culture. Hotels can’t engage you in this exciting rendezvous, but a homestay in India can. Choosing these options can bless you with the opportunities to participate in the local festivals, ceremonies, events and traditions. Your hosts would be glad to familiarize you with specialties of the place.

Perfect Value for Money: Staying at homestays in India is not only affordable, but it adds even more advantages to intelligent holiday spending. Indian families are more than happy to guide their guests about the local restaurants and shops where they can enjoy quality stuff at the best prices. Returning home without the burden of overspent holiday budget is one of the many advantages of a home stay in India.

Personalized Attention: No overcrowded accommodations and no staff in formal uniforms overdoing the formal etiquette is what Indian homestays are known for. A stay at any of these options can be interesting with personalized attention, more affection and strong bonding that may continue for many more holiday seasons. Enjoying delicious home cooked Indian foods and participating in cooking (if you wish to) and other unique activities you can enjoy.

How convenient it would be if a team of professional travel experts help you choose among handpicked homestay accommodations in India? Indianhomestays.org does exactly the same for the family tourists, honeymooners, adventure travelers  business travelers and others visiting India from across the globe.

Count on Us for Best Hospitality and Services for Quality Budget Accommodations

We personally investigate the home stay options coming our way on the basis of their locations, property types, available amenities, price and many other relevant factors. Contact us today, if you already have an India travel plan in hand and get relaxed about the accommodation booking part.

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Riches of Heritage in Bhopal Continue to Enthrall Buddhist Tourists

Bhopal is a glittering gem in the treasure of Madhya Pradesh tourism in India. Popularly referred to as the City of Lakes and City ruled by Begums, Bhopal has preserved a lot in the form of heritage. Bestowed with two artificial lakes, majestic mosques and glorious temples, the city is also an immensely popular Buddhist pilgrimage tourism.

The world-famous Buddhist sites at the nearby city of Sanchi attract eager Buddhist followers from all over. Learn how to enjoy a memorable tour in and around the city while staying at a Bhopal accommodation.

Explore Splendid Buddhist Art

The golden Mauryan Period of the Indian history conferred the region with some of the most amazing specimen of Buddhist art. A well-deserved designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site brought the city of Sanchi, around 45 km. from Bhopal into limelight. The Great Stupa with its hemispherical dome, ornamented gateways and astonishing sculptures make it a revered site among Buddhist pilgrims.

Many other stupas, Buddhist monasteries, Ashoka’s Pillar and unlimited wealth of sculptures can be viewed at Sanchi. The most engaging aspect of the place is its spiritual ambience and extremely peaceful surroundings. Many other Buddhist sites are in the process of excavation around the city. A good idea would be to stay at a Bhopal bed & breakfast facility and take guidance from the host to explore these sites.

Extend the Buddhist Tour

A Buddhist tour to Bhopal can be extended in an exciting way by visiting the architectural wonders of this royal city. Every corner of the city is dotted with structures built either in Islamic or Hindu architectural styles. With its spectacular design, the mosque called Taj-ul-Masjid is admirable for its huge domes, marble floors, beautiful minarets and pillars and pink façade. Moti Masjid and Jama Masjid are two other mosques that showcase unrivaled architecture.

Bhojeshwar Temple and Kalika Temple are two prime Hindu religious sites in Bhopal. The city has its own share of museums with interesting exhibits and collections. Archaeological Museum is among the must-visit places for housing statues of Buddha and several Hindu deities and some unique paintings. National Museum of Mankind and Birla Museum are other similar venues that attract tourists from all age groups.

There is no chance that you can resist the enthralling beauty of the city’s lakes. Upper Lake, the oldest artificial lake in the country, has unbound scenic beauty and a popular boat club. Lower Lake is equally fascinating as it is surrounded by hills and offers a number of tourist activities. Bhopal also has some worth visiting architectural marvels like Shaukat Palace and Gohar Palace.

Accessing Bhopal and finding accommodations in the city is extremely convenient. Bhopal homestays are gaining popularity among the pilgrims and other tourists for offering comfortable and affordable staying

options. Choose any part of the year and head towards Bhopal for an unforgettable holiday tour.

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World Sufi Spirit Festival to Nourish Your Soul during Jodhpur Stay in February

There can be no better medium than Sufism to attain profound soulfulness. And there is no venue that can match the majesty of Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur to organize something like a Sufi festival. Come February and the fort will repeat the grand event that has been luring the adherents and practitioners of Sufism for the past five years. The 3-day long festival in February will boost the number of tourists visiting Rajasthan and jam-pack the Jodhpur accommodation options. Schedule or reschedule a Jodhpur tour, if you wish to be the part of unique celebrations.

Crossroads of Distinct Cultures

The annual World Sufi Spirit Festival in Jodhpur and Nagaur is all about celebrating Sufism, an art to purify soul and revive intense emotions. Exponents and disciples from all parts of the world travel miles of distances to take the common road to sanctity. Like every year, the festival will have artists from Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Pakistan and India. Hosts of heritage homestays in Jodhpur count it as an opportunity to increase propinquity with the almighty.

Distinctive Flavors of Arts

Sufism takes devotion towards one’s art to a new level altogether. The upcoming festival will witness the extremely mystical and truly imposing arts from individual artists and groups. From Sufi poetry and music in Rajasthan to Sufi dance rituals from Egypt, every part of the festival will engage the minds, souls and senses of the attendees. Other noteworthy performances planned for the festival include Kerala martial art called Kallaripayyat; Indian classical form called Kathak, the art of rubab from Afghanistan and qawwali from Pakistan.

Exploring the Perfect Venue

Jodhpur is a celebrated tourist destination in India, with grandiose forts, stately palaces, arrays of temples and numerous historical sites. Picnic spots like Balsamand Lake and Gulab Sagar Lake are worth exploring in the city. Mehrangarh Fort is a grand structure which accommodates enticing palaces like Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal and Sheesh Mahal. The folk music and dance in Jodhpur makes every day worth celebrating for the tourists.

The city has accommodations in the form of budget and luxury hotels. Jodhpur home stays, heritage homes, guesthouses and bed & breakfast options are available in all parts of the city. Tourists can avail local transportation facilities and hire guides to carry out expeditions in and around Jodhpur.

Preparations for Tour

Apart from booking a suitable Jodhpur accommodation option in advance, you must pack important things like cotton and woolen clothes (for hot days and cool nights); sun protection accessories like sunglasses, hats and sunscreens. You may also plan to visit Nagaur, where the festival is extended for the next 3 days.

Jodhpur Sufi Festival is held in February which is a suitable time for the tourists to explore the desert land of Rajasthan. In other words, you can enjoy attending the festival under all soothing conditions.

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Popular Snow Sports to Welcome Snowfall Season in India

The month of December brings the season’s first snowfall at some of the most mesmerizing hill stations of India. This is one of the best opportunities to explore the exotic beauty of the tourist places like Shimla, Auli, Manali, Gulmarg and Gangtok. A number of snow sports at these places definitely add to the excitement for the holidaymakers. Here is a guide about the snow sport opportunities that you may enjoy at snow destinations in India for the upcoming months.

Skating at Shimla

The annual ice skating festival at Shimla is worth participating in. Not only skating experts, but learners can relish this wonderful experience. The festival also hosts some great ice skating dance and ice hockey performances. Staying at one of the Shimla cottages, surrounded by abundant natural beauty, can enhance the worth of this adventure trip. The hill station is also famous for other snow sports like skiing.

Skiing at Gulmarg

One of the most astonishing snowfall destinations in India, Gulmarg is the premier skiing resort. The place is located only 46 km from Srinagar, the state capital of Jammu & Kashmir. Tourists usually stay at Srinagar accommodation options like houseboats, cottages and resorts. There are different designated skiing areas that can be chosen according to the level of expertise. Other famous skiing destinations in India include Auli, Manali, Kufri and Garhwal Region.

Snowboarding at Auli

The enchanting state of Uttarakhand has Auli as a popular winter sport destination. Snowboards can be easily availed on hire and one can also find snowboarding experts who assist the tourists in extracting the fun out of this sport. Cottages and log huts are the amazing accommodation options in and around the city. You may also choose among Kufri, Rohtang, Manali and Mundali for snowboarding in India.

Heli Skiing near Manali

For those with daring spirits, the nerve-chilling sport of heli skiing is a perfect option. The adventure involves gliding the slopes downwards, starting from the top. Many places near Manali are apt for experiencing this bold activity. Manali homestays are the best options for the adventurers to feel comfortable throughout their trip. However, the adventure is recommended only for the expert and experienced skiers.

Other Good Options

Sledding is the most suitable option for family tourists and it can be pursued at any of the popular snow destinations in the country. Those looking for high adventure activities can choose among mountaineering and ice climbing. Trekking and hiking are great ways to encounter the spellbinding beauty these places showcase after getting covered with snow.

Accommodation options like Shimla cottages and Manali homestays are available in abundance during this season. Apart from selecting the right snow destination and accommodation, it is also important to get prepared with sports gear and clothes that can add to the fun and adventure. If it is your first time, make sure to take help from an expert.

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Top 4 Reasons to Holiday in Jaipur during Upcoming Months

Jaipur shows complete honesty to sustain its designation of being the Pink City of Rajasthan. The city acts as the perfect host to many popular events, fairs and festivals with attendees in large numbers and from all parts of the world. Every year, the options of accommodation in Jaipur get occupied in advance during these occasions. However, the enthusiastic visitors don’t mind staying at a guest house in Agra, New Delhi, Jodhpur or any other neighbouring city just to attend them. The year 2013 is about to begin and it is the right time to explore the calendar to find the most worthwhile reasons to be in the city. To help you, here is a discussion about the top 4 such reasons. Kite Festival in January The occasion of Makar Sankranti in India is the time when the sky shimmers with colourful kites. Jaipur is among the top cities to be a part of the celebrations and see the kites of all sizes and colours flaunted in the sky. In addition to the International Kite Festival, a 3-day long competition organized by the government, there are many other kite flying festivals that take place during the event. Try your hand at fun-filled kite flying or take a holy dip at the popular pilgrimage site called Galtaji. Jaipur Literature Festival in January Since 2006, the city’s Diggi Palace Hotel has been acting as the venue for the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival, showcasing the writing excellence in different languages. It is among the events when one needs to get an accommodation in Jaipur booked in advance. Homestays and bed & breakfast options in the city witness huge flocks of visitors from international locations. It has been reported that the visitors even take up homestay Delhi and Agra options to not miss the festival. Elephant Festival in March The symbols of royal grandeur, elephants are integral parts of many celebrations and events in Jaipur. Coinciding with the colourful Holi festival, the popular Elephant Festival in the city is worth a watch. The elephants are painted and embellished astonishingly during the festival and participate in ramp-walk to entertain the passionate audiences. Elephant races, dances and polo games are other highlights. Make sure to book a Jaipur homestay or a guest house in Agra to have this unique experience.

Gangaur Festival in March The 18-day long festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Gana) and his consort Goddess Parvati (Gaura).

The city celebrates the festival through activities like processions and folk dances. The festival is a wonderful occasion to watch women and girls dressed up beautifully. They can be seen decorating their hands and feet with mehandi and dancing with lighted pots (called ghudlias). It also provides the opportunity to relish ghewar, a scrumptious Indian sweet.The hosts of homestay Delhi and Jaipur can act as great guides to these festivals. Take their help to make your holidays exceptionally enjoyable.

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Enjoy Authentic Camel Safari Adventure in Rajasthan This Holiday Season

Among the most exotic facets of India, the Thar Desert covering the royal state of Rajasthan has many exciting opportunities for the tourists. In addition to forts, palaces, temples and handicraft markets and royal Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer accommodation options, the fairs, festivals and camel safari in the region arrange memorable holiday experiences. The desert is counted among the world’s top hosts for authentic camel safari rides. Tourists get to extract much more than their expectations from these tours.

Top Reasons for Camel Safari

  • To be a spectator to the charisma of drifting sand dunes and marvellous sunset and sunrise views
  • To savour the lifetime experience of night camping in the desert which is beyond imaginations and descriptions
  • To have a closer look at the real culture and traditions of the region that has been the witness to glorious past
  • To relish the amazing folk music and dance and to enjoy the mouthwatering cuisines throughout the trip.

The tours can be extended to stay at an accommodation in Jaipur, Udaipur or any other city and to become a part of the colourful fairs and festivals.

How to Plan?

First of all, choose the city from where you wish to start the tour. Jaipur and Jaisalmer are the top two options, while others include Bikaner and Mandawa. The next step is to find a reputed and reliable company that organizes camel safari. You can refer to the on-line reviews for the selection. The tour organizer should help you to plan the itineraries, choose the destinations and decide the tour durations. Starting from 2 days and one night, the tours can be extended to weeks and you must discuss the package prices in advance.

It is important to find a good accommodation before starting he tour. Finding a Jaisalmer accommodation or Jodhpur accommodation is not at all difficult. There are many hotels, guest-houses and home stay options in all these cities. IndianHomeStays.org can help you in choosing a comfortable, convenient and safe home stay accommodation in Jaipur or any other city. The winter months from September to March are the best months to enjoy these tours due to favorable climatic conditions. Moreover, festivals like Pushkar Camel Fair and Bundi Festival that involve camel activities are organized during these months.

Making Best Out of the Tour

  • Pack light clothes for daytime and woollen clothes for the cool desert nights.
  • Don’t forget to bring (or ask the tour operator to arrange) comfortable padding to avoid discomfort while riding camel’s back.
  • Bring accessories for protection against sun rays. These may include sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, lip balms, moisturisers and skincare products.
  • Additional blankets, toilet papers and flash-lights are useful as well.
  • Drink plenty of water on the tour to avoid dehydration.

A camel safari tour in India can be your best bet for this holiday season. Give a different kind of treatment to your holiday spirit with this adventure option.

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