Big Attraction of Rajasthan Tours among Different Indian Tours

Whether it is natural beauty, flora and fauna, history and culture, heritage and monuments, art and crafts, food and beverages, festivals and events, or any such thing that could be conceivably favored by tourists and travelers across the globe,Indiaoffers abundance of everything. That is why it is one of those countries that host millions of tourists and travelers annually on every part of the sub-continent.

Tourism with Specific Choice

There are however, many tourists who travel with specific choice. Especially people who are fond of history, art and craft, sculpture and legends cannot miss visiting Rajasthan, the land of many eminent warriors like Rana Pratap of Chittor, and Sangram Singha and many others who are historical heroes.  What really adds to these wonderful tour options is the charm of staying at an accommodation in Jaipur,Jodhpur,Udaipur or any other city and enjoying the royal treatment.

Rajasthan: The King of Western India for Travelers

From the tourists and traveler’s point of view Rajasthan is undoubtedly the king of Western India. Rajasthan tours are a pleasure for anyone irrespective of the timing of such tours. However, the winters in the state are simply magical. Instead of covering the state hastily, a slow and comprehensive tour of the state can bring up many unforgettable experiences for the visitors. The budget can be taken care of with the selection of inexpensive Jodhpuror Udaipur accommodation available in the form of home stays and guest houses.

Requirements for Rajasthan Tours

Requirements of the traveler to Rajasthan are a bit different from many otherIndiatours. Most important among them are –

  • It is necessary remaining fighting fit before traveling in this state where there would be many ups and downs on the pathways and one may have to travel on foot a lot.
  • For relishing the excellent food and tasty beverages one should have a suitable stomach as well.
  • Joining and experiencing different fares is a must as they offer enormous variations of highly attractive art and craft ware.
  • Having a shopping bag handy would help as few visitors can escape the urge to buy several small and big items from the markets.
  • Visitors on Rajasthan tours will come across many friendly locals and spending times with them may open up many astounding secrets for the visitor.
  • A good suggestion would be to choose something like Ranthambore resorts or Jodhpur homestays to save money and to find a home away from home.

Exotic Locations in Rajasthan

Some of the locations that must find in any itinerary for not only the visit to Rajasthan but also mostly finds place in the itinerary of any major India tours are –

  • Rose pink city of Jaipur.
  • Ambar Fort and various other forts in the State.
  • Cities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh, Bikaner and such others.
  • Thar deserts and moving across on camel back.

Visitors coming back will have fond memories of colorful dresses, camel safari, arts and crafts items, and above all; the friendly and amazing people of Rajasthan.

People may also like to move on the Palace on wheels, an extraordinarily well furnished luxury train running from Delhi to Jaipur making their visits even more memorable.

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