5 Best Options of Spending Christmas Week in India

Truly amazing is the festive spirit of India where different festival celebrations take place with complete zeal and gusto. While October and November are the months of Hindu festivals, the month of December remains busy in Christmas and New Year extravaganza. The last week of the month in particular witnesses the rush of eager tourists and holidaymakers to the top holiday destinations. If you are planning something similar this year, here is a discussion about top 5 Christmas week holiday options in India.


Counted among the world’s best destinations to enjoy Christmas carnival, Goa is well-known for its churches, beaches and festive bonanza. The smallest state of India showcases decorated streets, glittering Christmas trees and fun and gaiety all over. Christmas week is the most suitable time to enjoy the cheerful and fascinating atmosphere of Goa bars, pubs, nightclubs and discos. Apart from partying, shopping is another popular activity. The hosts of accommodations like home stays and guest houses in Goa offer the best deals to the guests during the week.


Shimla is among the most visited hill-stations in India across the year. However, there is no count of the number of tourists that hit the city for Christmas-New Year week. This is the time when the hill station receives snowfall, which adds to the fervor and enthusiasm of the visitors. While there are many hotels in the city, but it is a different kind of experience to stay at a Shimla homestay or cottage option. Visit the popular churches during the day and enjoy a wonderful party at one of the many venues at night.


With its scenic backwaters and peaceful beaches, Kerala has the apt settings for any type of festival holiday celebrations. The state has vast Christmas population and there are many churches of international acclaim in its cities like Cochin. Those who wish to stay away from the hectic hustle and bustle during Christmas break can find wonderful relief in Kerala. Just like Shimla homestay options, similar accommodations can also be found all over the state.


Pondicherry is very cosmopolitan in nature and hosts Christmas and New Year celebrations for all religions. It is astonishing to visit the churches flaunting superb architecture and many other medieval period buildings. One can enjoy the much-needed peace while spending the week at this place.  Similar to guest houses in Goa, there is no dearth of personalized accommodations in Pondicherry.



Why not celebrate the week in an exceptionally different manner this year? There is no destination so unique than Rajasthan for this purpose. Choose something like a camel safari tour or fort and palaces tour to explore this royal state of India. Folk music, dance, tasty cuisines, handicrafts and many other aspects of Rajasthan can arrange for the best time during the festive week.

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Gurgaon Golf Tourism Attracting Tourists from Across the World

It may have taken time, but the wonderful game of golf is finally making its presence in India. Gurgaon, the Millennium City in the state of Haryana, is undoubtedly the first one to be associated with golf tourism in the country. The recently held Haryana Golf Festival in the city has further attracted the attention of golfing enthusiasts from different parts of the world. The guest houses and other accommodations in the city experienced a huge number of guests from various regions during the event.

A contributing factor towards the growing popularity of Gurgaon golf tourism is the presence of numerous world-class golf courses in the city. The 27-hole ITC Classic Golf Resort is the oldest one in the city welcoming more than 10,000 visitors annually. DLF Golf & Country Club is another popular golf resort located near to the international airport. Lakes, streams, flora and fauna add to the charm of playing at this premier golf course.

Another golf resort in Gurgaon matching up the international standards is the Golden Greens Golf and Resorts. Classic Golf Resort is another name worth mentioning due to its golf playing facilities and international design. Most of these golf courses are few minutes drive from New Delhi, Noida and many other top cities neighboring Gurgaon.

In the recent years, a number of golf players from India have earned fame. The golf courses in the city are among the top places for these players to practice golfing. In addition, golfers from Europe, Middle East and other international destinations too have started taking interest in these golf destinations.

The urban lifestyle of the region and friendly Gurgaon guest house accommodations further invite the golf players in large numbers. More golf festivals and events in Gurgaon are expected to bring the country on the global map of golf tourism.

The DLF Golf & Country Resort, Gurgaon – India

Open Round the year
No. of Holes 18
Par 71
Yardage 7,176 from Championship tee
Playing conditions
A member’s course which allows members to bring guests on certain days.

Tuesday is an off day.

Club Facilities
Night Golf, Restaurant, Bar, Swimming, Gym, Tennis, Squash, Horse Riding
Golf Facilities
Driving Range, Putting Green, Academy

ITC Golf Course – Gurgaon – India
Holes: 18 (plus 9), Par 72
Yardage Championship course – 7,114 yards
Canyon Signature course – 3,135 yards
Green fee – Weekdays – Rs. 2,125  Weekends – Rs. 3,625

Caddie fee – Rs. 375
Cart fee –  Weekdays – Rs. 856 Weekends – Rs. 980
Range fee – Casual membership – Rs. 565 Bucket (50 balls) – Rs. 125

Equipment rental –  Golf set – Rs. 980

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Five Iconic Sites in North India that Belong to Different Religions

A number of religions originated in India and influenced the world. At the same time, there are many religions that flourished in other countries and gained equal worth in different parts of India. The result is that there are many iconic religious sites in India that belong to various religions, but are visited by all types of tourists. Here is a discussion about the top five such sites located in different states of North India.

Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh


The extremely beautiful area of Ladakh accommodates many popular Buddhist monasteries known for their spectacular architecture. The oldest of the lot is located at Lamayuru, while many other that are worth visiting include Hemis Monastery which is also the largest in the region and has many guest houses in Ladakh located around it. Thiksey Monastery, Stok Monastery and Spituk Monastery are other popular attractions. The annually held festivals at these monasteries are the grand celebrations attracting thousands of visitors. One can stay at options like guest house in Ladakh while exploring these sites.

Hindu Temples in Varanasi

One of the most ancient cities of the world, Varanasi is well-known for memorable boat rides at Rive Ganges and majestic evening prayers. The city is also visited by flocks of pilgrims who wish to visit the centuries old temples built near the ghats. Some of the most popular ones include Vishwanath Temple and Kaal Bhairav Temple. Varanasi accommodation can be found in the form of home stays and budget resorts.

Muslim Tomb at Ajmer

People from different religions, looking for peace and tranquility, visit the Dargah Sharif located in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. This Muslim pilgrimage site is the tomb of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti, a revered Sufi Saint. It is believed that one can find his or her wished granted while visiting the place with full faith. Just like Varanasi accommodation options, the Ajmer accommodation options like home stays can be easily found.

Jain Temple at Ranakpur

Like many other Jain Temples in India, the one located at Ranakpur in Rajasthan is hugely admirable for its spellbinding architecture. The main highlight of the temple is the group of 1444 pillars made of marble, each offering a different design. The enchanting ceiling details, domes, cupolas and turrets are the key features of the temple as well. Those staying at Ajmer accommodation can also plan to visit this temple with unmatched beauty.

Sikh Temple at Amritsar


The enticing Golden Temple at Amritsar in Punjab is the holiest Sikh shrine and a popular attraction among visitors from all religions. The main structure is located near a huge water tank where the pilgrims take holy dips. The artwork and sculptures of the temple are simply outstanding.

Exploring each of these sites is a lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. There are many other tourist places located in the close vicinity of these sites and adding to the interest of the visitors.

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Holidaying in the farms of Punjab

The sight of lush farms blooming with sarso (mustard), a merry breeze stroking the green grass and the gentle aroma of freshly baked rotis (Indian bread) daubed with homemade ghee, envisage these three things together and that’s when you’ll know you’re in Punjab!
Delhi is awkwardly located in terms of geography, especially when it comes to planning a weekend getaway. It’s either the hills of Himachal that beckon us to their imposing grandeur, the historical streets of Rajasthan or the scenic landscapes of Uttarakhand that top the list of brief sojourns. But this time, I wanted something simple, something secluded yet close to home. A quick research on the internet landed me on Shivya Nath’s travel website called ‘India Untravelled’. Her travel stories about lesser known destinations in India were intriguing and what caught my attention was a place called Prakriti Farms.

Situated in Rupnagar, Punjab, approximately an hour away from Chandigarh, Prakriti Farm Stay is a conservation initiative by Netar Pal Kaushal, the owner who also happens to be the host. Punjab is renowned for its prosperous agricultural reserves and warm hospitality, and Prakriti Farm Stay are the best bet that proves it so. Spread over 10 acres of land, the organic farm stay has been groomed to ecological perfection and quite lovingly at that. Several kinds of trees, blossoms,vegetables and herbs are grown around the place. Needless to say, there’s no trace of pesticides in the process. There are Maltas, lemons, Mint, sarso, potatoes, Poplar trees, and Neem trees among many others. There’s also a chicken coup at the back that is home to several Indian Asils, a breed that was used for cock fights and is now on the verge of extinction. This is Kaushal’s humble attempt to protect a few of the lot.

In the lap of nature

Perched atop the cliff is a cottage, tucked away from rest of the world. The view is nothing less than a splash of fresh colours on a painting. The range of young Shivaliks forms the backdrop and the green spectacle travels beyond an indefinite expanse. The traditional looking cottage with thatched roofs is plush from inside with modern amenities in place – vitrified tiles, a fully equipped bathroom, rocking chair, and a kitchenette with tea/coffee maker. But among all the interesting furnishings, my favourite were the patio swing chairs. The timing of the rains favoured with my visit and after a sumptuous lunch, I spent the afternoon sipping tea and watching the monsoon of Punjab wetting the grasslands, turning their green colour, greener.

On the other side, are three Swiss tents complete with comfortable beds and attached bathrooms. So people who’re in the mood for a camping experience can dump their bags and start a bonfire right outside their tents. It’s interesting that accommodation available comprises only these three tents and one cottage; my guess is that it somewhat helps maintain the tranquillity of the place. Less people and hence, lesser commotion!

When in Punjab, do as the Punjabis do!
Evenings at Prakriti Farm stay are best enjoyed with Kaushal and family, over uncountable cups of hot tea, assorted pakodas and unending conversations on politics, literature and life in general. The darkness of the night befalls almost stealthily and the chat gradually turns realistic. With the host recalling stories about leopards visiting the farm for a prey, pythons making sporadic appearances in the backyard, and wild boars often strolling about in the vicinity, you can almost feel the adventure coincide with the nip in the air. After a while, dinner is served. The delicious mah-ki-dal cooked in true Punjabi style in an earthen ware for over 4 hours remains the highpoint of the course.

Prakriti Farms do not promise a hotel-like experience. What it does promise is an experience that would make you want to re-visit the place. There’s everything that you’d possible need on a holiday – solitude, serenity, company of friends, humble food, and peace.

How to get there

By air: Chandigarh is the nearest airport. Pick ups are available on request.

By train/bus: The closest railway station and bus stop is Ropar. Pick ups are available on request.

By road: Prakriti Farms is about 45 km from Chandigarh and approximately 300 km from Delhi.


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Indianhomestays.org Updates Online Lists of Comfortable Kolkata Homestays

Home stay accommodation options in the form of studio apartments, guest houses and bed & breakfast are fast mushrooming up in the top Indian cities like Kolkata. Indianhomestays.org claims to provide the latest information and online booking services for the best and affordable Kolkata homestays.

City, State, Date – Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is renowned as the cultural capital of India. Apart from being home to the eminent personalities in various fields of art, the city is also admired for its palatial mansions, monuments, colonial buildings, museums and temples. The rich culture, arts and festive celebrations in the city too summon flocks of enthusiastic tourists from around the world. Kolkata has a mystical charm which can be enjoyed as guests to the friendly hosts of the city. Indianhomestays.org claims to have recognized the popularizing trend of home stay accommodations in Kolkata.

Indianhomestays.org has specializations and years of experience in matching the needs of the tourists to India with the accommodations available at the top tourist destinations. The company was launched with the prime aim to offer accommodations that are easy to afford and provides expected facilities. Sanjeev Khurana, the brain behind the travel company, believes that a majority of the tourists planning India holidays prefer reasonably priced accommodations that may not be luxurious but offer memorable staying experiences. According to him, the company is gaining success in this direction by handpicking the best among the Indian home stays.

The residents of Kolkata are well-versed in decorating their houses with simple but impressive ideas. The people in the city are also known for maintaining high levels of cleanliness and cooking delicious cuisines. Sanjeev counts all these aspects as favorable ones for the guests looking for friendly home stay options. The company has succeeded in finding these accommodations in the safe and accessible areas which are close to the main attractions and facilities of the city.


The website’s newly updated listings in the category of Kolkata homestays feature well-maintained studio apartments and other properties which offer advantages like internet access, air-conditioners, laundry, breakfast, lunch and dinner and the company of generous hosts. The company claims to have continued its tradition of choosing the options after personally interviewing the property owners.

The holidaymakers visiting Kolkata on different types of trips can find suitable home stay accommodations in the city at www.indianhomestays.org. The website provides details about the properties, amenities, transport facilities and prices to help the visitors take the right decision. The visitors to the website can use the online booking forms of the website to book these accommodations in advance.

About Indianhomestays.org
Indianhomestays.org specializes in affordable home stays, guest houses, resorts, apartments and bed & breakfast options in India. The company was launched in 2009 by Sanjeev Khurana, a travel expert, to make online booking of personalized accommodations at the major tourist destinations of India convenient for the tourists.

502, Pace City,
Sector 37,
Gurgaon, Haryana,
Pin Code – 122001
Phone: +91 9891000114 & +91 9810503060
Email: reachus@indianhomestays.org
Skype: sanjeev.khurana66

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Big Attraction of Rajasthan Tours among Different Indian Tours

Whether it is natural beauty, flora and fauna, history and culture, heritage and monuments, art and crafts, food and beverages, festivals and events, or any such thing that could be conceivably favored by tourists and travelers across the globe,Indiaoffers abundance of everything. That is why it is one of those countries that host millions of tourists and travelers annually on every part of the sub-continent.

Tourism with Specific Choice

There are however, many tourists who travel with specific choice. Especially people who are fond of history, art and craft, sculpture and legends cannot miss visiting Rajasthan, the land of many eminent warriors like Rana Pratap of Chittor, and Sangram Singha and many others who are historical heroes.  What really adds to these wonderful tour options is the charm of staying at an accommodation in Jaipur,Jodhpur,Udaipur or any other city and enjoying the royal treatment.

Rajasthan: The King of Western India for Travelers

From the tourists and traveler’s point of view Rajasthan is undoubtedly the king of Western India. Rajasthan tours are a pleasure for anyone irrespective of the timing of such tours. However, the winters in the state are simply magical. Instead of covering the state hastily, a slow and comprehensive tour of the state can bring up many unforgettable experiences for the visitors. The budget can be taken care of with the selection of inexpensive Jodhpuror Udaipur accommodation available in the form of home stays and guest houses.

Requirements for Rajasthan Tours

Requirements of the traveler to Rajasthan are a bit different from many otherIndiatours. Most important among them are –

  • It is necessary remaining fighting fit before traveling in this state where there would be many ups and downs on the pathways and one may have to travel on foot a lot.
  • For relishing the excellent food and tasty beverages one should have a suitable stomach as well.
  • Joining and experiencing different fares is a must as they offer enormous variations of highly attractive art and craft ware.
  • Having a shopping bag handy would help as few visitors can escape the urge to buy several small and big items from the markets.
  • Visitors on Rajasthan tours will come across many friendly locals and spending times with them may open up many astounding secrets for the visitor.
  • A good suggestion would be to choose something like Ranthambore resorts or Jodhpur homestays to save money and to find a home away from home.

Exotic Locations in Rajasthan

Some of the locations that must find in any itinerary for not only the visit to Rajasthan but also mostly finds place in the itinerary of any major India tours are –

  • Rose pink city of Jaipur.
  • Ambar Fort and various other forts in the State.
  • Cities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh, Bikaner and such others.
  • Thar deserts and moving across on camel back.

Visitors coming back will have fond memories of colorful dresses, camel safari, arts and crafts items, and above all; the friendly and amazing people of Rajasthan.

People may also like to move on the Palace on wheels, an extraordinarily well furnished luxury train running from Delhi to Jaipur making their visits even more memorable.

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Top 5 Towns around Shimla Offering Good Opportunities for Tourists

Shimla, one of the most popular hill stations in the northwestHimalayas, needs no introduction as a wonderful holiday destination. Another admirable aspect of this world-famous tourist destination is the excursions that it allows the tourists to take. Many naturally charismatic towns and places around the city are worth visiting for many different reasons. Here is a discussion about top 5 of them.

Chail – The Royal Splendor

Located at a distance of about 50 km from Shimla, Chail gained limelight when Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, selected it as his summer capital. Apart from the architecturally marvelous Chail Palace, the town also accommodates attractions like the world’s highest cricket ground and Chail Sanctuary. The city offers accommodations in the form of Chail resort and guesthouses located a midst peaceful natural surroundings.

Kufri – The Hikers’ Delight

Traveling a distance of 13 km from Shimla takes one to Kufri, the tiny town offering breathtaking views of snow-capped Himalayas. MahasuPeakin the town offers superb opportunities for hiking experience. Other attractions include Indira National Park, Kufri Amusement Park and Chini Bungalow. Just like Chail resort options, there are resorts as well as homestays in Kufri that help to enjoy the nature’s magnificence.

Mashobra – The Presidential Retreat

One of the two presidential retreats in Indiais located in Mashobra, a scenic and tranquil town located at a 45 min drive from Shimla. The tourist attractions in the town include Windflower Hall and Carignano picnic spot. Those visiting the place get enthralled by the beauty of forests that consist of oaks, pines, maples, chestnuts and other tree varieties. It is recommended to choose one of the Mashobra cottages for a comfortable stay.

Naldehra – Tranquility at Its Best

Those willing to find pleasure in tranquility can stay at a Naldehra cottage, similar to the Mashobra cottages and enjoy the spellbinding beauty of this small town. Only 22 km away from Shimla, the town is famous for housing the oldest nine-hole golf course, which is also the highest inIndia. There are two majestic old temples, one dedicated to Goddess Durga and other to the God of snakes. The place is a popular resort for the filmmakers.

Kasauli – The Colonial Charm

There are many Kasauli cottages that themselves are the great reasons for the tourists to choose this magnificent town. The distance of Shmila from Kasauli is around 70 km. The town is a favorite resort for the family tourists and for those traveling with friends. Monkey Point, Sunset Point, Christ Church and Gilbert Trail are among the highlights that can be visited while staying at a Kasauli cottage.

A visit to Shimla can be further extended by visiting and spending some delightful moments at these towns. It is indeed a great way to understand why the hill stations in the Himalayas are extremely popular among tourists from all over the world.

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Top Towns in Himalayas to Enjoy the Mesmerizing Beauty of Nature

The Himalayan mountain ranges accommodate many beautiful hill stations and cities thronged with innumerable tourists. There are some enchanting towns in the region that provide the opportunity to enjoy relaxing holidays away from the hustle and bustle. Located in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, these towns are known for attractions like orchards, flower valleys, forts and temples. Learn about the best among these towns that can help you escape to the natural splendor.

Ramgarh – The Town of Orchards

Located in the enthralling Nainital District of Uttarakhand, the town is admired for the spreads of fruits orchards. The orchards of peach, apples and apricots render the town with abundance of beauty. Tourists from all parts of the country choose to stay at Ramgarh cottages located amidst the serene surroundings. It is indeed exciting to have some breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks from the town.

Kasauli – Long Walking Trails

The Solan District of Himachal Pradesh has Kasauli as a beautiful town, offering long walking trails through peaceful environment. One can enjoy the relaxing experience of hiking and listening to the melodious sounds of chirping birds and crunching leaves. Sunset Point, Monkey Point, Christ Church and many other tourist attractions can be visited while staying at one of the Kasauli cottages.

Bhimtal – Host to Beautiful Lakes

The Uttarakhand’s Nainital District has Bhimtal as another town popular among the tourists. Nal Damyanti Lake and the Sattal group of lakes are located in the close proximity of the town. Bhimeshwar Temple and Naga Temple are among the popular sites with many interesting legends. A number of homestays and hotels at Bhimtal arrange comfortable stay for the tourists.

Kangra – Majestic Fort and Temples


The tourists interested in visiting some of the ancient monuments of North India can visit Kangra which is located in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The town is well-known for its historic fort. It is amazing to view a river and other enticing surroundings from the fort. The most popular temples located near the town are Vajreshwari Devi Temple, Baijnath Temple and Chamunda Devi temple. The unadulterated beauty of the place can be enjoyed while staying at a Kangra homestay option.

Ranikhet – Riches of Flora and Fauna

The town of Ranikhet is located in the Almora District of Uttarakhand and is renowned for its floras and faunas. The striking beauty of pine and deodar forests spellbinds the visitors. Mountain goats, hares, porcupines and deer are the commonly spotted animals in the region. The town is also known for its fruit gardens and lush green golf courses. The tourists can stay at one of the Ranikhet cottages offering great views of the surroundings.

Many other towns in the Himalayas can make your holiday trips memorable. It is a great way to take a cherishing break from the hectic routine and work schedules.

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Top Buddhist Monasteries in India to Attain Peace and Enlightenment

India is honored as the land of origination of many religions. Buddhism, with millions of followers around the world, was founded in the Indian subcontinent. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries located in different parts of the country and visited by the pilgrims in large numbers. Here are the most popular monasteries that you may plan to visit while traveling through India.

Dharmsala Monasteries

Spend a day staying at guest house New Delhi and start the trip to Dharamsala, the home to Dalai Lama. The region has over 200 small and big Buddhist monasteries and a majestic spiritual atmosphere. Namgyal Monastery is the most popular one, as one can find the diverse rituals and prayers of Buddhism performed here. Godang Monastery, Tsuglagkhang Monastery and many other Buddhist attractions are located in the region.

Hemis Monastery

Located in the beautiful mountainous region of Ladakh, Hemis Monastery is well-known for its gold and silver stupas and Lord Buddha’s statues made of copper. Enchanting mural paintings adorn different parts of the monastery. The monastery is the host to the annual Hemis Festival which is a grand celebration in the region. Accommodations can be found in the form of home stays and guest house in Ladakh, located amidst peaceful and relaxing surroundings.

Ghum Monastery

The Tibetan Monastery is located at few minutes drive from Darjeeling, a popular hill station in West Bengal. More than 50 monks find their homes within the monastery which consists of a single-chambered temple. Maitreya Buddha is the 15-feet high statue of Lord Buddha inside the monastery. The statue has enticing beauty reflected by the precious stones used in its construction. Darjeeling accommodations are available in the form of home stays and bed & breakfast.

Enchey Monastery

Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim in northeast India, accommodates Enchey Monastery, one of the most popular ones in the region. The golden cupola on the top and a number of idols inside the monastery are among the attractive features. Carved pillars and mural paintings on the walls add to the serenity and charm of this spiritual venue. Another attraction is the collection of festive masks that are used in annual dance festivals. The tourists can stay at one of the home stays in Gangtok.

Sarnath Monasteries

The site where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon, Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh accommodates a number of Buddhist monasteries. The interesting aspect of these monasteries is that they are built by devotees from different countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. Nearly 30 monasteries in the region showcase styles that are indigenous to different countries.

Just like home stay and bed and breakfast Delhi options, the similar accommodations are available for the pilgrims near each of these monasteries. A visit to any of these places can instill a great sense of peace and spirituality.

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Top 5 Indian Cities that Reveal the Colonial Charm

The era of colonial rule in India led to the complete transformation of the country. The era marked the discovery of new cities and the face change of many existing ones. The foreigners of Dutch, Portuguese, French and British origins influenced the existing architectural styles. Today, many of the Indian cities are admired for their colonial charm that still exists in the form of tourists attractions. Here are the top 5 cities that are worth exploring to experience the allure of the bygone era.

Shimla – The Summer Holiday Retreat

Designated as the British summer capital during the English rule in India, Shimla is a popular destination for summer holidaymakers and honeymoon couples. The tourists love to stay at resorts in Shimla and explore the buildings showcasing Victorian architectural style. These building are located on the Ridge and the Mall. Christ Church, the oldest North Indian church, is also located in the city.

Kolkata – Host to Rich Colonial Heritage

Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, was chosen as the capital of British India in 1772. Fort William is one of the major attractions that remind of the colonial era. Victoria Memorial, Dalhousie Square, Writer’s Building and the Esplanade Mansions are among the heritage buildings constructed during the British rule. Calcutta High Court, GPO Building and Princep Memorial are among other popular colonial buildings in the city with many Kolkata accommodation options around.

Chennai – Earliest Colonial Outposts

Chennai was known as Madras under the British rule and it served as the home to the earliest settlements of the British East India Company. Fort St George was the first colonial building in the city built in 1644. Most of the colonial buildings in the city represent Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. St. Mary’s Church is counted among the oldest churches built by the British in India. Staying at Chennai homestays and exploring these charismatic buildings is a great experience to have.

Goa – The Portuguese Festive Culture

Goa, a state on the west coast of India, remained under Portuguese rule till 1961. The state is world-famous for its carnivals, fun-filled beaches and a mix of Portuguese and Indian cultures. There are many churches, cathedrals, forts, lighthouses and other colonial constructions that dot the cities like Margao and Vasco Da Gama. Any guest house in Goa can be chosen as accommodation to enjoy the festive spirit of the local residents.

Cochin – The Colonial Trading Port

Cochin in Kerala is regarded as one of the most important trading ports that provided entry to the foreign merchants. The city has a cosmopolitan culture which bears the influences of Dutch, Portuguese and other foreigners. Santa Cruz Basilica and Pierce Leslie Bungalow have Portuguese style. The Dutch constructions include David Hall, Bastion Bungalow and Dutch Palace. Kerala accommodation options in the city include home stays, guest houses and bed & breakfast.

Each of these cities provides the opportunity to peep into the colonial past of the country. These destinations have managed to retain the colonial charm over hundreds of years.

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