Riches of Heritage in Bhopal Continue to Enthrall Buddhist Tourists

Bhopal is a glittering gem in the treasure of Madhya Pradesh tourism in India. Popularly referred to as the City of Lakes and City ruled by Begums, Bhopal has preserved a lot in the form of heritage. Bestowed with two artificial lakes, majestic mosques and glorious temples, the city is also an immensely popular Buddhist pilgrimage tourism.

The world-famous Buddhist sites at the nearby city of Sanchi attract eager Buddhist followers from all over. Learn how to enjoy a memorable tour in and around the city while staying at a Bhopal accommodation.

Explore Splendid Buddhist Art

The golden Mauryan Period of the Indian history conferred the region with some of the most amazing specimen of Buddhist art. A well-deserved designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site brought the city of Sanchi, around 45 km. from Bhopal into limelight. The Great Stupa with its hemispherical dome, ornamented gateways and astonishing sculptures make it a revered site among Buddhist pilgrims.

Many other stupas, Buddhist monasteries, Ashoka’s Pillar and unlimited wealth of sculptures can be viewed at Sanchi. The most engaging aspect of the place is its spiritual ambience and extremely peaceful surroundings. Many other Buddhist sites are in the process of excavation around the city. A good idea would be to stay at a Bhopal bed & breakfast facility and take guidance from the host to explore these sites.

Extend the Buddhist Tour

A Buddhist tour to Bhopal can be extended in an exciting way by visiting the architectural wonders of this royal city. Every corner of the city is dotted with structures built either in Islamic or Hindu architectural styles. With its spectacular design, the mosque called Taj-ul-Masjid is admirable for its huge domes, marble floors, beautiful minarets and pillars and pink façade. Moti Masjid and Jama Masjid are two other mosques that showcase unrivaled architecture.

Bhojeshwar Temple and Kalika Temple are two prime Hindu religious sites in Bhopal. The city has its own share of museums with interesting exhibits and collections. Archaeological Museum is among the must-visit places for housing statues of Buddha and several Hindu deities and some unique paintings. National Museum of Mankind and Birla Museum are other similar venues that attract tourists from all age groups.

There is no chance that you can resist the enthralling beauty of the city’s lakes. Upper Lake, the oldest artificial lake in the country, has unbound scenic beauty and a popular boat club. Lower Lake is equally fascinating as it is surrounded by hills and offers a number of tourist activities. Bhopal also has some worth visiting architectural marvels like Shaukat Palace and Gohar Palace.

Accessing Bhopal and finding accommodations in the city is extremely convenient. Bhopal homestays are gaining popularity among the pilgrims and other tourists for offering comfortable and affordable staying

options. Choose any part of the year and head towards Bhopal for an unforgettable holiday tour.

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